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mPoint™ is a powerful, functionally rich, robust and scalable payment gateway that gives merchants access to multiple funding sources for securely processing payments. mPoint™ has been designed to provide cloud-based access to available funding sources across merchant channels such as e-commerce, mobile, POS systems, Call Centers and SMS/MMS.

With the Stored Payment Feature readily available, merchants can quickly enable one-click payment flows for repeat purchases. This greatly simplifies the user journey and improves the pathway to purchase.

mPoint™ acts as an intermediary between the merchant and any combination of funding sources providing a single unified API for all payment transactions. It allows customers to select how they want to pay, for example by card, MNO, bank account, any tender or split tender or stored value, and then offers them one integration point into the merchant’s back-office. Using a secure method for communicating with both the client and the clearance houses through HTTPS, mPoint™ ensures that end-user data is always encrypted using the latest internet technology

mPoint™ provides off-the-shelf infrastructure, integration and enterprise level services to drive your omni channel efforts. This allows a gradual roll out of payment functionality, so you can test, deploy, refine and adapt to new trends over time.

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